Director of Marketing & Communications

Productions & Advertising Consultant


Matthew  S. Santana, Jr

Marketing & Communications Director

Productions & Advertising Consultant

Business Mentor 

Transitional Empowerment Coach


Matthew S. Santana Jr., leads as the Director of Marketing and Communications. In this role, He leads a team responsible for the development of both marketing and communication strategies. These strategies, among others directly contribute to the company’s overall growth and advancements. While leading the effort to catalyze the overall broad impact of the company’s direct reach and social impact, Matthew is responsible for planning, developing, and the implementation of all the company’s marketing campaigns in addition to overseeing our social medial platforms.


Mr. Santana and his team are responsible for the development of branding and corporate identity initiatives, developing promotional programs, photography, videography and producing valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design and organizing the company’s publications.