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Be Silent and Aware

Have you ever felt empty or lost? Have you ever felt off track because of the opinion or strong words of others.

Love builds and not tare down. Sometimes in our imperfections we my make decisions or speak before we think. In those times people who are your safe place should build you and help you instead of condemn and disrespect you in front of other people. If you have encountered that then please allow this word below to bless you. No one is perfect and sometimes depending on how long you have struggled with unproductive habits or flawed charter behaviors it will take some time to rise above it and over come it. That is why the ones that love you are so important in helping build you and not tare you down. Love covers a multitude of sins. Never react to the jabs but instead continue to work on yourself. Own your errors but don't allow the negative energy to over take you or don't allow the negative labels that others put on you based off you major or minor mistakes to take root in your spirit because if you do you will never rise above the behavior. Hopefully this will encourage you today. Know that you will overcome and you will do better. Emotional Wellness must be a deliberate process in order to transform your life. -EY

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