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"Give yourself permission to release the past, so that you may enjoy your future."-EY
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People Talk

This took me on a journey of self reflection and on a journey to heal from my past. I connected with the author and what she went through and it really made me rethink a lot of thing and help me heal from things in the past.

Loved the message of self love and taking care of yourself first. What a journey it was, learning all that the Author had went thru. It was enjoyable seeing her overcome many obstacles. An inspiration.

I learned the hard way that changing my environment and forgiving was the only way to heal.

Excellent journey in healing and seeing the broken spirit. Raw honesty on changing the trajectory of your life. Fearless self reflection. Inspiring!!!

Emotional Cleansing
What is an Emotional Cleanse?

An emotional cleanse is a way to cleanse yourself of negative emotions that are weighing you down. It is like the way you’d do a cleanse for your body, only it’s for your emotions. An emotional cleanse brings you back to your true core and away from all the outside distractions. It purges your negative emotions so that you can feel better and hear your own inner voice.

Emotional HealingEugneia Yvette
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