Emotional Cleansing
What is an Emotional Cleanse?

An emotional cleanse is a way to cleanse yourself of negative emotions that are weighing you down. It is like the way you’d do a cleanse for your body, only it’s for your emotions. An emotional cleanse brings you back to your true core and away from all the outside distractions. It purges your negative emotions so that you can feel better and hear your own inner voice.

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In this short read, Eugenia Yvette shares her personal journey as a woman, mother, and visionary to "EMOTIONAL WELLNESS".

Many women are unaware of their need to be emotionally well. Eugenia advocates "EMOTIONAL WELLNESS" with the realization that the lack of, will cause dysfunction in every facet of one’s life. And, that moving forward without being healed and set free from the inside out will not lead to growth in the right direction.

After having made several decisions that caused unfulfilled relationships, she stopped and performed a self-evaluation. Upon completion, she realized that an “EMOTIONAL DETOX" was necessary; and, that she needed to allow God to deliver her from herself!

Once she removed herself, God unleashed the vision, and made the vision a reality which speaks to the unhealed emotional person ready to acknowledge the need for “EMOTIONAL WELLNESS".

People Talk


I hope you personally read this review/comment. Reading your story confirmed some things for me. THANK YOU for being so transparent. It has also encouraged me to put pen to paper (or in this day, fingers to keyboard) and start back journaling my life. 😀

I see alot of myself in you. I have had a tumultuous life when it comes to relationships but I always search for "what is my lesson, my take-away". I am currently in a relationship similar to your second marriage.

The Most High has been answering my prayers and has revealed SO many truths to me about my husband. At first, I was wavering, second guessing myself, concerned about what him, her, and them would say and think. But the writing is on the wall in big bold neon letters -- GET OUT! And reading your book has confirmed that I am 100% on the right track.

Even though my glass is running over with abundance and blessings, I do realize that my glass is smeared and cloudy because I am emotionally unwell. I need to cleanse. After my divorce is final in a few months, that will be my next step.

Again, THANK YOU for having the fortitude and courage to share your life.

Be blessed

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