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Emotional Wellness By EY

Eugenia Yvette grew up in Panama Central America; but, is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. She is the proud mother of six children of promise and destiny. 

The motivation behind her "EMOTIONAL WELLNESS" conferences comes from her personal journey as a woman, mother, visionary, and her realization of the need to be emotionally well. 

As a visionary, she advocates "EMOTIONAL WELLNESS" with the realization that the lack of, will cause dysfunction in every facet of one’s life.  And also, moving forward without being healed and set free from the inside out will not lead to growth in the right direction.

After having made several decisions that caused unfulfilled relationships, she stopped and performed a self-evaluation.  Upon completion, she realized that an "EMOTIONAL DETOX" was necessary; and, that she needed to allow God to deliver her from herself! Once she removed herself, God unleashed the vision, and made the vision a reality which speaks to the unhealed emotional person ready to acknowledge the need for "EMOTIONAL WELLNESS".

Emotional Wellness Expert


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